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St. Augustine Loan Modification Attorney

If you are facing financial difficulty and cannot make your monthly payments, loan modification may be your best option. Loan modification can alleviate your financial troubles and help you avoid bankruptcy. Loan modification involves the process of changing specific factors of a loan to make it more manageable for your circumstances.

There are many benefits to loan modification if you need to have your debt relief. This alteration can involve adjusting the balance or interest rate on the loan. During a free case evaluation with our firm, we can help you determine whether you can benefit from loan modification.

Conditions for Loan Modification

In order for loan modification to take place, the various terms must be agreed upon by all parties. Both the creditor and debtor, along with an attorney, will need to negotiate the terms of the loan modification. At the Albaugh Law Firm, we can assist you through this process to help you protect your rights. By hiring our lawyers to help, you can avoid the hassle associated with loan modification. We have more than 70 years of combined experience and can use it to help you know what options are best for you.

At the Albaugh Law Firm, we know that every case is different and will require a unique approach. We are dedicated to providing attentive and personalized representation throughout the modification of your loan agreement, whether the change is to any of the following loan terms:

  • Reduction in principal balance
  • Reduction in interest rate
  • Extension of the term for repayment

Our firm can put our relentless representation to work for you to help you resolve your debt issue. If you are unable to make the appropriate payments on your loans, schedule a free case evaluation with us at once. Contact our Jacksonville loan modification attorneys right away!