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Blog Posts in February, 2015

  • Deficiency Lawsuits and Judgments

    || 22-Feb-2015

    Around 2007 when the real estate market bubble in Northeastern Florida burst, many homeowners saw the value of their homes cut in half. To make matters worse, struggling businesses in St. Augustine and Jacksonville were conducting lay-offs or closing their doors altogether. Many families on Florida’s First Coast struggled to continue making their mortgage payments, and large numbers failed. ...
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  • Defending Mentally Ill Criminal Clients

    || 19-Feb-2015

    As a criminal lawyer practicing in St. Augustine, Florida, I defend many clients charged with drug possession crimes or violations of drug offender probation. During my initial meeting with a new client, I focus primarily on the events surrounding their arrest. A clear understanding of the facts allows me to determine what additional investigation needs to be done and what witnesses need to be ...
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  • A Parent's Guide to Synthetic Drugs

    || 12-Feb-2015

    For years, the most commonly abused drugs in teens included marijuana, heroin, and cocaine. The times are clearly changing and most parents would be surprised to learn that there is a new problem on the horizon. Synthetic drugs are not just dangerous, they’re deadly, and news stories are popping up about the serious nature of these outwardly unassuming substances. What are synthetic drugs? ...
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