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St. Augustine Bond Reduction Motion Lawyer

Attorney for Bond Motions in St. Johns County

Few things can leave you feeling as helpless as having a friend or loved one sitting in jail with no bond. This feeling is often magnified when you learn that the first time they will see the judge or can ask for a public defender is weeks, sometimes months away. Your friend or loved one deserves more; they deserve experienced representation from a St. Augustine federal criminal defense attorney at the Albaugh Law Firm in St. Augustine.

You yourself may be reading this because you have learned that a warrant for your arrest exists and it carries a no-bond provision. You know turning yourself in will look better to the judge but cannot bring yourself to do it knowing that you may find yourself in the position of the people described above - sitting in jail waiting weeks or months for your court date. At the Albaugh Law Firm, we know the system and we understand how to maximize the likelihood of getting a bond set or reduced so that you, your friend, or your loved one can get out of jail.

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We can contact the people the judge wants to hear from and file a motion describing why justice demands setting or reducing a bond. In many cases, we can accomplish this prior to you turning yourself in. That way, you know what your bond is and can make arrangements to pay it before turning yourself in. In other cases, we can determine when your likely court date would be so that we can minimize the time you spend in jail before getting to see the judge. If you or a loved one needs a bond set or reduced, contact the Albaugh Law Firm today for your free initial consultation.