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Trespassing Laws in St. Augustine

St. Augustine Criminal Defense Attorney

Trespassing is the willful entry into another's property or remaining on property without permission from the owner. Many individual find themselves accused of trespassing when they simply were unaware they were on private property or assumed they were allowed to be a certain place. If you or someone you know has been arrested for trespassing, call a St. Augustine criminal defense lawyer from Albaugh Law Firm right away.

What is considered trespassing?

If you are unsure or unaware of trespassing laws in Florida, you could easily be charged with the crime without realizing you were making a mistake. Trespassing is simply defined as entering another's property, structure, or conveyance and/or remaining there willfully. If there was a notice not to enter posted, a person may also be charged.

In Florida, trespassing is usually a second degree misdemeanor and carries up to 60 days in jail. The trespass is considered more serious if another person is present in the structure when the trespass occurred, upgrading the charge to a misdemeanor in the first degree, which is punishable by up to a year in prison. If the offender was in possession of a firearm or other dangerous weapon, the crime becomes a felony with a maximum of five years in jail.

Construct a Solid Defense Strategy

A St. Augustine criminal defense attorney from our legal team can argue on your behalf to protect you from these penalties.

We can utilize any of the following common trespassing defenses for your case:

  • Disputing your actual presence on the property
  • You were not told to leave once on the property
  • You were not on the property willfully
  • You were invited onto the property
  • The person who asked you to leave was not the property owner
  • Insufficient notice was given
  • You were given conflicting statements

If you have been charged with trespassing in the St. Augustine area, a seasoned legal advocate from Albaugh Law Firm can help you challenged the charge or have the penalties reduced.

Call our firm right away to get started on building a strong defense for your case!