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St. Augustine Child Custody Attorney

In the state of Florida, child custody decisions are typically finalized in a parenting plan, which is a document created to establish the roles of each parent regarding their children after divorce. In a parenting plan, the divorcing couple can find legal orders that pertain to their children's education, healthcare, and social well-being. Parenting plans will need to include information on who will be responsible for decisions about the child. For legal assistance with a parenting plan, speak with our lawyers at your earliest convenience.

Parental Responsibility Under Florida Law

In the state of Florida, courts no longer regard the responsibility to make decisions for a minor child as custody. Instead, the courts order parental responsibility of children. This is assigned on either a shared or sole basis and will likely include a time-sharing arrangement. Sole parental responsibility refers to the responsibility of one parent to make decisions regarding the child without needing input from the other parent. Shared parental responsibility occurs when both parents share full parental rights and responsibilities in regard to the child. Parental responsibility that is ordered by the court will terminate upon the child's 18th birthday or when he or she graduates from high school.

If you want to file for custody of your child in a divorce case, you will need our family law firm by your side to ensure that the child's best interests are placed as the primary determining factor. You can have confidence in the legal guidance we offer because of our dedication to clients and our strong experience. We offer free case evaluations to help you learn about how we can best assist you with your case. Our Jacksonville child custody attorneys are devoted to fighting for your rights in court if necessary.