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Jacksonville Bankruptcy Attorney

Finding Solutions to Debt Throughout Florida

If you feel as if you are drowning in debt, it is likely time to take action and resolve your financial issues. Bankruptcy may be the answer to the circumstances you are facing. As you seek a path to a fresh financial start and future financial security, speak with one of our firm's Jacksonville bankruptcy lawyers at once.

At the Albaugh Law Firm, we may need to help you debunk some of the bankruptcy myths that have resulted in your hesitation to file. We have more than 70 years of combined experience handling a wide range of bankruptcy cases, including:

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 is considered the "liquidation" form of bankruptcy under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. To qualify for relief under Chapter 7, the debtor must be an individual, partnership, corporation or another business entity. This type of bankruptcy begins with the filing of a petition with the bankruptcy court if the debtor proved eligibility by passing the means test.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be pursued if the debtor failed the Chapter 7 means test or if he / she has important nonexempt assets. In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you are able to keep your property but must pay back a portion of your debts during a three- to five-year period. This chapter of bankruptcy is beneficial for many individuals who prove they can afford to make payments.

Foreclosure Defense

If your home is in the foreclosure process, we can take action to defend it from being taken away. Mortgage holders can only foreclose on a property by filing a lawsuit, which means that you will need to take legal action by hiring our firm! You have various defense options available, such as filing for bankruptcy.

Debt Defense

If you are harassed by debt collectors and are overwhelmed by the exorbitant amount of money you owe, we offer debt defense for your benefit. We can help you stop collection actions and resolve your complex debt issues. Rather than handling this situation on your own, we can help you resolve the debt issues you currently face.

Loan Modifications

The process of loan modification is designed to help individuals who are struggling financially and are unable to make their mortgage payments. With loan modification, an individual is granted modification of the terms of his or her loan by the lender. If you are facing the prospect of foreclosure or vehicle repossession, we can help you with this bankruptcy alternative.

Short Sale

The sale of real estate that occurs when the owner owes more to the bank than the property is actually worth is called a short sale. This is often taken as a defense measure to foreclosure. If you are a homeowner who is experiencing financial difficulty, the short sale of your home may be a positive alternative to bankruptcy.

Wage Garnishments

When individuals face substantial debt because of their home loans, credit cards, and other spending habits or major expenses, wage garnishment may go into effect. Wage garnishment forces a debtor's employer to withhold a certain portion of the debtor's wages to be given directly to the creditor. The federal limitation on wage garnishments is 25% of the debtor's disposable income.


Repossession is an action that can be taken by a creditor when the debtor has failed to make monthly payments on his or her vehicle. Vehicle repossession can take place at any point up until the final payment is made. If you need assistance avoiding vehicle repossession, we can help you.

Let a Jacksonville Bankruptcy Lawyer Help

Each Jacksonville bankruptcy attorney at Albaugh Law Firm has vast experience handling various aspects of the bankruptcy process. We view bankruptcy as an opportunity for people to help take control of their debt and cease harassment from creditors. As you seek to rebuild your life with a fresh start to bankruptcy, we offer the experienced help you need. Our goal is to pursue the most favorable outcome to our clients' bankruptcy cases. Contact us today for the legal guidance you deserve!

Contact Albaugh Law Firm for a free consultation with a Jacksonville bankruptcy lawyer today!