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St. Augustine Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Was your loved one abused or neglected in a nursing home?

There is a rising number of cases of abuse or neglect in nursing homes in the St. Augustine and Jacksonville areas, as well as throughout the country. Many of these facilities fail to adequately train their staff, or hire those who may be less than qualified or who prey on frail elderly people who cannot protect themselves. At our firm, the Albaugh Law Firm, we take on these cases committed to getting results, and we encourage you to get in touch with us at once if you suspect abuse. The danger of serious illness or death is very high when an elderly person is not cared for correctly, and as promised by the nursing home.

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The Signs of Elder Abuse in a Nursing Home

There are signs of abuse that you must watch for if your loved one has been placed in a nursing home. If you visit and find your loved one suffering from bedsores, with unsatisfactory hygiene, or with bruises or other signs of abuse, it is critical that you contact us at once. These are signs of abuse or neglect. A family member who is always sleeping and appears groggy and uncommunicative may be over medicated, a serious danger for an elderly person in frail health. If your loved one wandered off and was unsupervised, the nursing home can be held accountable. If you suspect abuse it is time to act. We will carefully evaluate the situation and advise you about how to move forward with a claim or lawsuit. We are committed, professional, and we care. You can expect the highest quality service when you work with us, as each of our legal team genuinely cares and wants to help you hold the nursing home accountable for what they have done.

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How We Stand Out From the Rest

We established our practice with the intention to provide each person with the most compassionate, professional legal counsel. We understand the shock you must be feeling if your loved one has been the victim of abuse while under the care of a nursing home. You trusted the nursing home to care for your loved one and ensure that he or she had good nutrition, personal care and was treated with dignity and kindness. When abuse or neglect is what took place, it is a terrible fact to discover. We are ready to help you hold the nursing home and any other liable parties accountable if they have failed to protect your loved one.

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The facts about the nursing home and any act of negligence must be brought to the attention of the authorities if your loved one has been abused. Whether he or she suffered physical abuse, emotional abuse, or financial abuse, is a victim of theft of personal items, or was neglected to the point of serious illness, malnutrition or dehydration, it is vital that you act quickly. An elderly person is often in frail health, and is unable to communicate about abuse or neglect. Be on alert for the signs of nursing home abuse, and if you suspect it is taking place, get in touch with us at once. We offer a free case evaluation to assist you, and we urge you to take advantage of it.

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