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St. Augustine Child Support Attorney

Child Support Disputes During & After Divorce in St. Johns County

The amount of child support a parent can expect to pay or receive is a common question among people involved in family law matters. To provide guidance and uniformity in answer to that question, the state of Florida has established child support guidelines - the idea being that a computation of child support pursuant to the guidelines, which take into account the incomes of both parents and specific costs associated with the child, would provide a straightforward calculation. Unfortunately, as with many things related to money, child support calculations can require complex analysis of the other parent's income and claimed deductions in order to be fair and suited to the situation.

Factors Affecting How Child Support Is Calculated in Florida

Attorney Ryan Albaugh can use his financial background and experience in contested child support cases in your case to ensure that the child support calculation is performed using accurate numbers. Some of the ways in which this will be done include:

  • Identifying income sources besides salary or wages, such as benefit income including disability benefits, unemployment, workers' compensation, and Social Security
  • Calculating "imputed income" based on previous income levels when the other parent is voluntarily unemployed or underemployed
  • Ensuring you are given credit for all available income deductions, such as income taxes, self-employment taxes, health insurance premiums, alimony paid from a previous marriage, and child support paid for other children
  • Identifying facts, such as the special needs of a child or extraordinary healthcare costs of a child, which may justify deviating from the guidelines

Once his analysis is complete, Attorney Albaugh can work with you to ensure that any evidence needed to support the child support calculation is available to present to the family court judge. Contact the Albaugh Law Firm today for your free initial consultation regarding child support questions or concerns or to learn more about how we are prepared to help you.