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St. Augustine Family Lawyer

Families going through divorce, paternity, child custody, child support, and marital property disputes need both emotional support and legal protection from an understanding St. Augustine family lawyer during these stressful times. If children are involved, the additional demand that the children’s best interests be protected becomes paramount. At the Albaugh Law Firm, we apply legal knowledge and common sense to reach efficient and favorable outcomes for our clients in these complex situations.

Albaugh Law Firm serves residents of Flagler, Putnam, and St. Johns Counties. Our St. Augustine family lawyers have experience handling a broad range of marital and family law matters – including amicable divorce. Our approach to family law cases is simple: get to know you as a client in order to translate your ultimate goals into a legally sound and aggressive strategy to achieve them.

Family Law Cases We Handle Throughout Florida

Our legal team has more than 70 years of combined experience. Let us put that perspective and skill to work for your benefit during this challenging time. A skilled family law attorney in St. Augustine FL from our firm is prepared to help in a wide variety of cases in the realm of family law, including but not limited to the following:

  • Divorce
    Are you facing a divorce? Do not wait before contacting a family law attorney who can help you. Your divorce may be very complex and contested – meaning that you and your spouse cannot agree on certain terms of the marriage dissolution – or uncontested and more or less straightforward, but in either scenario, an attorney can help you ensure that your rights and interests are protected.
  • Child Support
    In the state of Florida, there is a set of established guidelines that are used to determine the amount and duration of child support payments. Our firm can stand by your side and help ensure that your wages and deductions are properly computed. We can help ensure that you receive the child support you deserve – or, alternately, that you are not forced to pay above your legal obligation.
  • Child Custody
    Determining who should have custody of a child is perhaps the most painful and important part of a divorce proceeding. In the state of Florida, the terms “parenting plans” and “time-sharing schedules” describe how the obligations of parents are shared following marriage dissolution. We can help you as you set up a parenting schedule that is in the best interests of your children.
  • Alimony
    Do you think you are entitled to spousal support payments – or alimony – following your marriage dissolution? We can help ensure that the judge hears why you deserve these payments. On the other hand, if your spouse is demanding alimony and you are not legally obligated to pay it, we are prepared to fight for you in order to defend your economic autonomy. Call our firm.
  • Military Divorce
    While there are many similarities with military and civilian divorces, service members face unique challenges when it comes to deployment, court proceedings, child custody and child support. At Albaugh Law Firm, we provide legal advice and representation in military divorce proceedings.
  • Enforcements
    After the conclusion of a divorce, it may become necessary to pursue enforcement of the court’s decrees or a couple’s divorce terms if one party is in contempt of the original arrangement. Whether your former spouse is refusing to pay child support or alimony or you are facing a custody or visitation issue, we have the experience necessary to effectively pursue compliance from the other side.
  • Modifications
    Sometimes court decrees or divorce terms become defunct over time. If your situation has changed and you believe it would be in your family’s best interest to modify or change the original orders granted by the court, do not hesitate to call a family law attorney from the Albaugh Law Firm to discuss your options.
  • Restraining Orders
    If you have been accused of domestic violence and received a restraining order, we can help address your case effectively in order to defend your rights. Unfortunately, in too many cases, restraining orders are merely used for leverage in family law cases. Let us defend your rights and fight for you! Call the Albaugh Law Firm today to discuss your case.
  • Paternity
    To enjoy the rights and responsibilities of fatherhood as an unmarried parent, you must first establish biological paternity of the child. We have helped many of our clients establish fatherhood in order to develop parenting plans and financial child support agreements. Contact the Albaugh Law Firm to learn more about protecting and advancing your parental rights.
  • Relocation
    If you are a custodial parent but you are considering moving a significant distance away, you should be sure to contact a St. Johns County family law attorney about your case before making any decisions. In some cases, relocation can have a serious impact on a parent’s custodial rights. If your child’s other parent is the one considering a move, we can help you protect your visitation schedule. Contact us today.
  • Time Sharing / Visitation
    The time-sharing schedule is an important aspect of the parenting plan following a divorce or paternity case because it determines where your child will live and what time he or she will spend with each parent. Different solutions work best for different families. When you consult a family lawyer from our firm, we can advise you as to your unique situation and discuss the best resolution for you.
  • Adoption
    With adoption, a child’s birth parents are relinquishing their parental rights and the adoptive parents are assuming all of the same rights and responsibilities as biological parents. While adoption and step-parent adoption can be joyous experiences, it’s crucial to learn about the adoption process and utilize the services of an experienced family law attorney from our firm.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a St. Augustine Family Lawyer Today

Contact the Albaugh Law Firm today to speak with a family law attorney in St. Augustine, FL during a free initial consultation. Our St. Augustine family lawyers represent people throughout Florida, including Jacksonville, Palatka, St. Johns County, and Flagler County. We understand what you are going through and we are prepared to provide the strong and effective representation you need during this time. Whatever you may be facing in the area of family law, do not hesitate to contact our St. Johns County office today for tenacious legal support.

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