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Blog Posts in August, 2016

  • A controversial topic in family law these days is whether courts should presume that 50/50 division of custody is always in the best interest of children in divorce cases. With a presumption that an even division of parenting time is always best, a judge begins considering the case from that perspective, and it's up to the parent to prove that some other arrangement is better for the kids. In ...
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  • It is legal to carry a concealed firearm in St. Augustine and St. John's County, as long as you apply for and obtain a concealed carry permit, and you adhere to the restrictions governing where you can and cannot carry a concealed weapon. What are the current concealed carry laws in Florida? Florida state law allows a person to carry a concealed weapon in many public places, provided that ...
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  • Having your vehicle repossessed due to missed payments or defaulting on an auto loan can really throw a wrench in the gears of your life. As your mobility plays a large part of your overall freedom, losing your primary method of transportation due to financial hardship can be devastating. Unfortunately, most people who have their vehicles repossessed do not have the necessary funds to redeem their ...
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  • An Overview of Mortgage Modification Mediation in FL

    || 1-Aug-2016

    One of the most widespread fears associated with filing for bankruptcy is the possibility that a person will lose their home during the process. Under certain circumstances, homeowners and certain investment property owners who file for bankruptcy in Florida may be able to negotiate an arrangement to keep their property through a process known as Mortgage Modification Mediation (MMM). This process ...
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  • What Amendment 2 Means for Florida's Marijuana Laws

    || 1-Aug-2016

    This November, Florida is on schedule to vote on a constitutional amendment legalizing medical marijuana. Though past initiatives have been narrowly voted down, experts are optimistic that the measure, named Amendment 2, will pass by the required supermajority. Many counties have already begun preparing for legalization’s likely victory in November, moving toward decriminalizing possession ...
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