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Recent Posts in In the News Category

  • Legal Age to Buy Tobacco Products in U.S. Increases to 21

    || 7-Jan-2020

    As part of sweeping spending bills signed by President Donald Trump in December 2019, the minimum age to purchase cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, and other tobacco products in the United States is now 21 years old. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed the news on December 21, 2019, and plans to submit a final rule within 180 days. The new law addresses the nationwide concern about ...
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  • A federal judge declared that the process for restoring voting rights to felons in Florida is unconstitutional. In a strongly worded ruling, U.S. District Judge Mark Walker said the disenfranchisement of felons who have served their time is "nonsensical" and violates the First and 14th Amendments of the Constitution. While the majority of U.S states don’t allow people who are ...
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  • Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren has become the latest voice in a growing number of advocates calling for reform of the debt collection industry, reprimanding the US Department of Education for sending debt collectors to pursue money from 80,000 students who were defrauded by a for-profit school. In a letter to US Education Secretary John B. King Jr., Senator Warren recently called out the ...
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  • Is the National Debt Really Something to Worry About?

    || 3-Oct-2016

    If you have been following the upcoming 2016 presidential election at all, you have likely heard about the rising national debt as being one of the main topics of debate. Since the year 2000, the country’s debt has skyrocketed by $5.7 trillion to a staggering $19.5 trillion – more than three times as much debt as the total amount of debt the country had accrued since its inception in ...
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  • $35B Rise in Household Debt in Three Months

    || 20-Sep-2016

    Quarter 2 of America’s 2016 fiscal year saw a spike in the total household debt of $35 billion, bringing it up to $12.29 trillion. How do the average American families wind up adding such a large figure to the national household debt? It is believed the spike was caused by two financial categories: credit cards and auto loans. When the economy was in its biggest, recent slump, people put ...
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  • An Examination of Debt & the American Middle Class

    || 9-Jun-2016

    Does it seem that no matter how hard you work, keeping up with your expenses still continues to be a struggle? Are you a middle-class American who is living paycheck to paycheck? If so, you are certainly not alone. Middle-class lifestyle in America has become increasingly more difficult to maintain over time, as inflation and declining economic conditions have caused many Americans to fall onto ...
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  • Second Time Not a Charm for Family Law Reform Bill

    || 28-Apr-2016

    Florida Governor Rick Scott recently vetoed legislation that would have created a presumption of equal time timesharing for divorcing parents and overhauled the alimony awards. Governor Scott cited concerns of shifting the focus of courts considering such issues from the best interest of children and each unique situation to the desires and preferences of the parents. How Time-Sharing and Alimony ...
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  • The Volusia County Council unanimously voted to pass a county ordinance making possession of up to 20 grams of marijuana a county ordinance violation punishable by a fine of $100. By doing so, Volusia County followed in the footsteps of Dade and Palm Beach Counties towards a more progressive and realistic approach to marijuana. Even closer to home, Flagler County is currently considering a similar ...
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  • Jacksonville and Florida Foreclosure Rates See Improvement

    || 6-Apr-2016

    Sometimes everything in the news can seem pretty negative. It is good to get some good news once in a while, and even better when it comes from your own communities. Here in Jacksonville, and all across Florida, actually, foreclosure rates are declining and remaining low, according to recent reports. In January of 2015, foreclosure rates for Jacksonville was 1.71% and in 2016 an even lower 1.65%. ...
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