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What Are the Costs of a DUI?

Avoid a Conviction with Our St. Augustine DUI Lawyer

What seemed like a cheap happy hour with friends can quickly escalate into a complete draining of your bank account when you get behind the wheel intoxicated. DUI arrests are common in Florida and offenders who forego legal representation run the increased risk of a conviction. After considering the true cost of a DUI, most realize quickly that taking chances is just not worth it.

We at Albaugh Law Firm have made it our mission to protect arrested individuals in St. Augustine from the consequences of a DUI conviction. With perseverance and skill, we have achieved remarkable results that our clients would be hard-pressed to secure elsewhere. Our team won’t settle for anything less than the best when your future is on the line.

Strong Representation: the Key to Saving Your Finances

At first glance, a DUI can almost appear insignificant – pay a few fines, find another ride to work, and all will be well. Look beneath the surface, however, and what you find may shock you. The Florida DMV estimates the average cost of a first-offense conviction to be right around $8,000.

Where does this number come from? Some of the costs include:

  • Auto insurance increases
  • Fines
  • Court fees
  • Public defender expenses
  • Misdemeanor alcohol charges

Expenses only increase based on the circumstances, such as underage arrests or an exceptionally high blood alcohol concentration. Put simply, a DUI can add up and fast. If you were arrested and are tempted to go without an attorney because legal representation is “too expensive,” keep in mind that a DUI conviction can be far more costly.

Beginning with a complimentary case evaluation, our firm works to keep the price of legal representation fair for our clients. We believe that every accused individual deserves an attorney on their side and pride ourselves on being accessible to those we assist.

Protect your rights, and your bank account, with over 70 years of experience garnered by our St. Augustine DUI lawyers. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help!