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Wage Garnishment Attorney in Jacksonville

One possible highly adverse result of being behind on payments to a debt collector is wage garnishment. Garnished wages can cause significant harm to your finances and even have the potential to result in negative impacts on your financial well-being. Wage garnishment involves having your take-home pay reduced by as much as 25%, which is directly given to your creditors.

This process can make it very difficult to pay your monthly bills, which can put you even further behind financially. Do not wait to speak with an experienced Jacksonville attorney who can help you avoid wage garnishment. Whether you are facing desperate financial times and / or are heading toward bankruptcy, we can guide you through each process and help you obtain financial relief.

Florida Wage Garnishment Limitations

In regard to wage garnishment, the state of Florida has many limits on the amount that a creditor can take out of your wages. Although Florida follows the federal laws, for the most part, the state also has additional exemptions. Typically, creditors who have judgments can take a maximum of 25% of a debtor's wages.

The debtor will need to meet a minimum threshold in order to even have a lower amount of their wages garnished. Before your creditor can have your wages garnished, they must obtain a court judgment against you. That rule holds true with the exception of debt owed for child support, student loans, or taxes.

Wage Garnishment Defense

If your wages are being garnished, you have several defense options available. You can file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, which can immediately cease this collection attempt. You will be protected under the law because of the "automatic stay," which is issued by the court. At the Albaugh Law Firm, we can fight for you to help you take control of your financial situation. We can work to have the wage garnishment removed so that you can take home your entire paycheck. Contact us today if you need assistance resolving wage garnishment.