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Jacksonville Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

Protect Your Home in Florida With Albaugh Law Firm

Have you been given a pre-foreclosure letter from your lender or financial institution? Did you fall behind on your mortgage payments and need to find a way to catch up? If you answered yes to these questions but do not act quickly, your home could be foreclosed before you know it. Foreclosure is not inevitable. You have options to fight back against foreclosure, and you do not have to do it alone.

Contact the Jacksonville foreclosure defense lawyers at Albaugh Law Firm to talk about your foreclosure defense options. With our 70+ years of combined legal experience, we will stand by your side every step of the way and continually help you find the right path for you, your family, and your finances. We offer free case evaluations to all of our prospective clients, so do not hesitate to reach out to us the moment a financial crisis arises.

Preventing Foreclosure

Strategies for Fighting Foreclosure

The foreclosure defense attorneys at Albaugh Law Firm will work with you to explore your options for protecting your home and other assets from foreclosure or repossession. Some of the strategies we may implement include the following:

  • Short sales: You can place your home on the market priced at its current value, figuring in your mortgage. You take control of the situation, selling the home on your terms and repaying the loan with the proceeds. While a short sale does end with you selling your home, it is better than a foreclosure, which takes away both your home and your chance of selling it. Even if you end up selling for less than the principal due on the mortgage, mortgage lenders are often willing to accept the reduced total and forgive the remainder. Short sales guarantee lenders quick cash, which is often preferable to a lengthy and uncertain mortgage. Talk to your lawyer about short sales and whether your lender may be willing to accept a short sale.
  • Mortgage modification: A home on the market with no one in it is intrinsically less valuable than a home occupied by someone in debt. With the assistance of our foreclosure defense attorney, you may be able to convince your bank or lender to modify your mortgage payments and interest to keep you in your home, rather than having you default and lose it. Lenders prefer getting some payment to getting no payment and are often willing to reduce monthly payments. In the end, everyone can benefit from a mortgage modification.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy: If you are considering bankruptcy, discuss the consequences. Filing for Chapter 7 could involve the sale of your home as part of the total debt discharge. Chapter 13, on the other hand, reduces and reorganizes your debt into more affordable payments, increasing your chances of preventing foreclosure and eventually eliminating your debt.
  • Loan Consolidation: Consolidating your debt involves taking out a single loan that covers all of your other qualifying debt. You may be able to refinance your mortgage into a loan with a much lower interest rate, set a new fixed-rate, and significantly lower monthly payments. The new mortgage will involve closing costs and will depend on your credit, so discuss your finances with your debt relief attorney to determine if debt consolidation is the right move for you.

Finding a Solution Personally Tailored to You

One of our biggest rules at Albaugh Law Firm is “no cookie-cutter solutions” for our clients. Our Jacksonville bankruptcy and foreclosure defense attorneys treat each client as unique, evaluating their specific circumstances and tailoring our representation, and service to individual needs and preferences. Each foreclosure defense strategy must be properly suited and implemented according to the needs of the individual client. By ensuring that each client gets individualized, personal service, we maximize the chances of preventing foreclosure, minimize our clients’ financial obligations, and give them the best chance of finding financial freedom.

Call a Short Sale and Foreclosure Defense Lawyer in Jacksonville Today

If you are behind on your mortgage and looking for financial relief, the foreclosure defense attorneys at Albaugh Law Firm are here to offer you expert, tailored, and compassionate debt relief help. Our Jacksonville foreclosure defense attorneys will evaluate your circumstances and your needs, and we will work with you to chart out a path towards financial freedom. Reach out to Albaugh Law Firm today at 904-471-3434 for a free consultation with a Jacksonville debt relief lawyer.

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