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Jacksonville Domestic Violence Lawyer

If you are facing a charge of domestic battery in or around Jacksonville, Florida, you will need to get your questions answered, learn the possible consequences if you are convicted, and find out more about the criminal process. You will also need constant guidance throughout the case. Based on the specific facts of your case and your criminal record, you can face a wide range of penalties that can alter your life. If you or a loved one is facing a domestic battery charge, speak with our Jacksonville domestic violence lawyers at once.

What is domestic battery?

Domestic battery is a crime that occurs when an individual commits battery on his or her spouse, former spouse, relative, roommate, or another individual within the same household. You can also be charged with domestic battery for allegedly committing battery on an individual with whom you share a child. Domestic battery is charged as a first-degree misdemeanor, which can be punished with up to one year in jail. You can be charged with a felony domestic battery offense if previously convicted of misdemeanor battery.

Proactive Representation for Domestic Violence Charges

Attorney Ryan Albaugh has more than four years of experience as a domestic violence prosecutor. With his past experience, he understands the way prosecutors approach domestic battery cases and can build a strong defense accordingly. He also has knowledge regarding how to help couples who never intended for an incident to lead to a criminal charge. Additionally, our firm knows how to help victims request that the no-contact order be modified. Failing to address the no-contact order can have a devastating impact on families and their finances if one spouse is forced to live elsewhere during the case.

At the Albaugh Law Firm, we know what facts to look for while investigating domestic violence cases and how to highlight shortcomings in the evidence against our client. In all cases, we use our background, experience, and knowledge to pursue the most favorable result for each client. Other than dismissing the charges, another favorable result is the offer to participate in a diversion program. With the successful completion of the diversion program, your arrest can be removed from your criminal record. Contact our firm today for the legal assistance you require.

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