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Jacksonville Child Support Lawyer

Helping You Solve Serious Family Law Disputes

When two people who share children together divorce, the court is concerned with the wellbeing and best interests of the children first and foremost. To this end, ensuring that the parent with primary custody rights has enough money and monthly income to take care of their children is also a priority. If it appears that they will not be able to financially provide for their children, the court may order the other ex-spouse to pay child support each month.

Are you the custodial parent and need to set up child support payments? Are you the non-custodial parent who will likely pay child support each month? Allow our Jacksonville child support lawyers to review your case to ensure that your child support agreement is fair and balanced.

Initial consultations are free. Call 904-450-5313 to schedule yours today.

Child Support Guidelines in Florida

There is no absolute number for child support agreements in Florida. Legal statutes exist that mandate that child support be calculated purely on a case-by-case basis. In this regard, the child should be better supported, as the primary custodian will, in theory, receive as much support each month as they requires.

Various factors can increase or decrease child support amounts, including:

  • Monthly income of each spouse
  • Necessary expenses of each spouse
  • Current living conditions of each spouse
  • Child’s healthcare costs
  • Expenses related to child’s special interests
  • Tax bracket of each spouse

There are child support calculators online that can give you a rough idea of what you will pay or receive each month. You should consult with an actual attorney before committing to any number, as specific deductions and intricate factors may not be foreseeable by online calculators.

Dial 904-450-5313 to Start a More Comfortable Path

Choosing the right amount of child support is paramount during a divorce. The outcome has the capability of affecting your daily life, that of your ex-spouse, and, of course, your child. With so much hanging in the balance, do not leave matters up to chance or rushed calculations. If you need to receive more, fight for it. If you think you are paying too much, let the court know. No matter your objectives, let our Jacksonville family law attorneys be your experienced legal guides you can see you to the end.

Contact us today and we can provide an analysis of your unique child support situation.

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