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St. Augustine DUI Penalties Lawyer

What to Expect When You Get a DUI in St. Augustine

A conviction on a DUI charge can lead to extremely serious or even life-changing penalties. It is advised that you retain experienced legal counsel at once if you have been arrested for DUI. At Albaugh Law Firm, our highly trained St. Augustine DUI penalties lawyers will do everything possible to seek to have your charges dismissed, reduced, or to achieve a positive verdict at trial. We offer a free case evaluation, and you have nothing to lose by contacting our firm early in the game. Our attorneys have over 70 years of combined experience, and each of us has a background serving on the “other side” as prosecutors. We know what it takes to win, and how to craft a winning case for the defense, and we are ready to get started on your defense, today.

Penalties for DUI convictions can vary, depending on your criminal record and prior convictions for DUI offenses, the specifics of your arrest, and what judge is serving at your trial, as they vary in imposing sentences upon convicted DUI offenders.

  • For a first offense, you can expect to pay fines of $500 to $1000; a jail sentence of up to 9 months; probation for up to 1 year; your vehicle impounded for 10 days, and participation of 50 hours in community service.
  • A second offense will lead to fines of $1000 to $4000; sentencing of 9 to 12 months in jail including a 10-day minimum if the arrest occurred within 5 years of prior conviction; and your vehicle impounded for 30 days.
  • A third offense has fines of $2000 to $5000, a sentence of 9 – 12 months in jail, including a 30-day mandatory minimum in time served if arrest occurred within 10 years of second conviction, and 90 days of vehicle impound. A third offense within 10 years of a second offense will be filed as a felony, with up to 5 years in state prison that could be imposed.
  • A fourth offense will include a fine up to $2000; imprisonment of up to 5 years, including a 30-day minimum, and a long period of vehicle impoundment.

There are additional restrictions or penalties that you may have imposed upon you, and hidden costs such as increased insurance rates, court fees and others. If you are arrested with a BAC of .15 or more, the penalties will be enhanced. If your BAC registered at .20 or you have prior convictions, you will be required to have an ignition interlock device installed in any vehicle you drive – at your cost – assuming your license has not been completely revoked. If another person was injured, you will be facing years in state prison. Don’t underestimate the costs of a DUI. You have the option to fight back. We recommend that you do.

Get Quality Representation for DUI

We understand how stressful it is to facing criminal charges for DUI. If your case involves errors in testing administration, the arrest, the initial traffic stop or other errors by law enforcement prior to the arrest, we will expose these errors, seeking to have the charges against you dismissed or reduced. We are very thorough when investigating the facts of an arrest and will use any weaknesses in the case against you to your advantage. Contact our firm today. We are committed to pursuing a favorable outcome in your case, and can take action for you immediately. Call now.

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