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St. Augustine Injunctions Lawyer

St. Augustine Restraining Order Attorney

Injunctions for protection, more commonly referred to as restraining orders, are court orders that restrict a person’s behavior. The most common types of injunctions are for domestic violence, repeat violence, and dating violence. Each type requires different facts to be valid, and unfortunately, injunctions are often used as leverage during family law matters such as divorce.

The impact of having an injunction placed against you can be devastating. An injunction can prevent you from returning to your home and family, maintaining or obtaining certain employment, and volunteering at your kids’ school or activities. Having an injunction against you also leaves you vulnerable to arrest if the protected person claims you violated the terms and conditions of the injunction.

If an injunction has been filed against you, you do not have a right to a government-appointed attorney to defend you. Accusers, on the other hand, do receive free representation in most cases. As such, it is extremely ill-advised for you to try to defend yourself at an injunction hearing against an attorney representing the other side. Secure the assistance of a skilled St. Augustine injunctions lawyer with the experience and ability necessary to effectively defend you.

Retain Legal Counsel in St. Augustine

Injunction hearings are like mini-trials in front of a judge and typically come down to the credibility of the witnesses and the skill with which your attorney can present your evidence and defense. St. Augustine Attorney Ryan Albaugh has been successful in defending clients against injunctions because of his background as an experienced trial attorney. As a former prosecutor, he understands the other side in a way that not many attorneys can. He brings this skill and perspective to each new case he accepts. When you are our client, he can work with you so you are comfortable while testifying and can tell your side of the story to the court. He is also prepared to investigate the allegations against you and the accuser’s background so that he can aggressively cross-examine the accuser when he or she must testify.

If you or a loved one has been served with an injunction, contact the Albaugh Law Firm today for the aggressive and tenacious defense you deserve. We offer free case evaluations, so there is no reason to hesitate! You will not have to pay an up-front fee or make any financial commitment right away – we can simply meet with you, discuss your case, and help you understand your situation and your options. Why wait to secure the strong legal support you deserve? Simply call our St. Augustine law firm today and speak to a member of our friendly support staff. We can set up your complimentary consultation with a caring defense lawyer who can truly make a difference in your situation.

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