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St. Augustine Amicable Divorce Lawyer

No-Court, Uncontested Divorce in St. Augustine

Has your marriage reached a point of no return? If the prospect of your divorce being a long and expensive process concerns you, there may be a better solution. In some circumstances, if the spouses are willing to reach an agreement about property division, child custody, and spousal support, it is possible to obtain an amicable divorce.

Such divorces are synonymous with “uncontested” divorces, and providing there is no history of domestic violence, they can have a positive influence on the overall outcome of divorce proceedings.

At Albaugh Law Firm, our legal team has more than 70 years of collective experience in family law. We are members of The Florida Bar Family Law Section, and have a former family law magistrate on our team. If you are interested in obtaining an amicable divorce, our St. Augustine amicable divorce lawyers can provide you with highly capable legal representation.

Why “Amicable” is Better

Divorce is arguably one of the most stressful and emotionally traumatic experiences that people go through, but it doesn’t have to be. If the spouses agree ahead of time to put their differences aside and collaborate to reach a fair compromise, much of the pain of divorce can be alleviated.

Amicable divorces offer many positive advantages, including:

  • Reduces attorney fees and court costs
  • Reduces the stress of divorce
  • Spouses maintain control over their divorce
  • Less stress on the children
  • Spouses are more likely to stick to terms of the divorce
  • Takes less time than a contested divorce

When couples can agree on the terms of their divorce outside of court, both parties can sign a written agreement and present it to the court. During this final hearing, they can ask the judge to incorporate their signed agreement into a final judgment. With an amicable divorce, a divorce can become finalized in just a matter of weeks.

There are two major benefits of going the amicable divorce route: 1) for couples with children, children do much better when their parents are polite and respectful towards each other, and 2) by reaching an agreement, rather than leaving the decisions up to a judge, the parties are empowered and more inclined to comply with the terms of the divorce.

St. Augustine Divorce Lawyers

If you believe that you and your spouse are excellent candidates for an amicable divorce, we urge you to contact the St. Augustine divorce attorneys at Albaugh Law Firm. No matter which direction your divorce takes, we will ensure that your rights to your property, your assets, and most importantly you children, are fully protected.

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