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St. Augustine Child Support Lawyer

Child support is the financial support paid from one party to the other in a divorce case, typically from the noncustodial parent to the custodial parent. Child support payments are not always required but are used to ensure that the children involved are given the financial support they need. In some cases, mothers will need to pursue paternity testing to establish the fatherhood of the child’s birth father in order to collect child support from him.

If you are the non-custodial parent, you are likely required to make payments to your ex-spouse to care for the needs of the child. Speak with our St. Augustine child support lawyers for the information you need regarding your specific case, whether you need to fight for increased or decreased support.

Florida Child Support Guidelines

The amount that a parent may be required to pay or may receive in a child support case will depend on a variety of factors. The state of Florida has established child support guidelines to provide uniformity for child support determinations. Computation of child support pursuant to the Florida State guidelines is primarily based on the incomes of both parents and specific costs associated with the child. Child support calculations can be much more complex, however, because of other factors, such deductions and added expenses to care for the child’s specific needs.

Experienced Legal Guidance

If you choose to retain our services, Attorney Ryan Albaugh can use his financial background and experience to handle your complex child support case. Our goal is to ensure that the child support calculation is performed using accurate numbers, which can be accomplished in the following ways:

  • Identifying income sources, including benefit income
  • Calculating “imputed income” based on previous income levels
  • Ensuring you are given credit for available income deductions
  • Identifying facts that can justify deviating from the guidelines

After a thorough analysis is complete, our firm’s family law attorneys can ensure that all necessary evidence is presented to the judge. Contact us today for the legal guidance you need!

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