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St. Augustine Modifications Lawyer

Do you need to modify an existing court order?

Final judgments of the dissolution of a marriage cannot account for the many changes that will likely occur in the future. Under Florida law, provisions are made regarding “substantial changes in circumstances” of a divorce agreement. Such laws provide grounds for changing a parenting plan, time-sharing schedule, and increasing, decreasing, terminating, or modifying the terms of a child support or alimony order. If you want to find out how modification can benefit you, speak with one of our family law attorneys at once.

Modifications are most common for child support and alimony issues after divorce. They are often requested when a change in either party’s income occurs. It is the burden of the person desiring to enact the change in the divorce agreement to file the appropriate Supplemental Petition for Modification. No modification will occur if a petition is not filed. No matter what the circumstances, we encourage you to seek legal guidance before taking any further action. Our St. Augustine modifications lawyers offer free case evaluations to help you understand your situation.

The Albaugh Law Firm Approach to Modifications

At the Albaugh Law Firm, we have experience helping modify existing court orders to bring them up to date so that they accurately reflect the client’s current situation. Our approach to modification cases involves learning about the change that has occurred in your life to require a modification. We can explain what evidence is needed to prove that these changes exist and are adequate to warrant modification.

Modification actions are some of the most common family law matters that lead to litigation. In the event that litigation is necessary, Attorney Ryan Albaugh’s legal knowledge and experience as a trial attorney can enable our firm to persuasively present your case to the judge. Contact the Albaugh Law Firm today for guidance from our Jacksonville divorce attorneys.

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