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St. Augustine Time Sharing & Visitation Lawyer

Parenting and Time Sharing Plans in Florida

When spouses are working through a divorce, issues of child custody and visitation can be central points of concern. While these terms may be commonplace elsewhere in the country, Florida defines the post-divorce relationship between parent and child through terms such as time-sharing, decision-making, and parenting plans. As the terms of a parenting plan can dictate a parent-child relationship for years to come, it is important to make sure that your interests are not overlooked. At the Albaugh Law Firm, our St. Augustine time sharing and visitation lawyers have more than 70 years of collective experience and can work to see that your voice is heard.

Establishing a Parenting Plan

Divorcing spouses have the option to create a parenting plan on their own, however, if an agreement cannot be achieved amicably, the decision can go to court. While there was once a legally enforceable presumption that a mother was to be granted custody during the first few years, or “tender years”, of a child’s life, in Florida, this is no longer the case. Additionally, a court will not automatically look to grant parental time with a child equally. Generally, a judge may look to decide these issues based on what is in the best interest of the child.

A court may look at factors including:

  • The emotional connection between a parent and child
  • Mental and physical health of each parent
  • The financial ability of each parent to provide for the child
  • Evidence or a history of neglect or abuse
  • The geographical location of each parent in relation to the child
  • The preference of the child (typically considered in cases with older children)

Although it is possible to modify a parenting plan once it is in place, it can be extremely difficult to do so. Typically in order to change or modify an agreement, there must be (1) a drastic change in the circumstances of one or both spouses that (2) directly affects the best interests of the child. Securing knowledgeable and proven legal representation from our firm can help you to get the parenting plan you want the first time around.

Family Law Attorneys Protecting Our Client’s Rights

Issues regarding parental plans are never simple and if you are involved in a dispute over what is in the best interest of your family, our St. Augustine divorce attorneys can provide the compassionate legal guidance you need. There is little that is more important than our families and having a knowledgeable legal advisor in your corner can make a vital difference in seeing that your interests are protected. If you have questions about how a divorce will affect your children and family, the Albaugh Law Firm is here to help.

Get your divorce questions answered in a FREE consultation with our family law attorneys.

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