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What To Expect After an Arrest

shutterstock_134061809After a person has been arrested in Duval County, several things will happen. They will be searched prior to being placed in the patrol car and again when they arrive at the county jail. If you have something illegal at the time of your arrest and the officer does not find it until you are searched at the jail, you may be charged with attempting to bring contraband into the jail. This can potentially be a more serious charge than what you were arrested for in the first place. Once inside the jail, a mug shot is taken. This picture becomes part of the official records of your arrest and is often found later when people do on-line searches for that person’s name. Like the photo, fingerprints are taken and also become part of the permanent record of arrest. If identity is in question, the arrested person may also be required to provide a writing sample, participate in a line up, and even provide DNA samples.

Once the initial processing is complete, people will typically spend some time in jail before posting bond, or if they are accused of certain crimes or cannot post bond, they will remain in custody until being taken the next morning to First Appearance.

What Happens During First Appearance?

First Appearance occurs within 24 hours of arrest, is the first time the person appears before a judge, and is when they are formally told what charges they are facing. You have a right to have your lawyer present for First Appearance and it is beneficial for people to be represented during First Appearance by knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer. This is because important decisions are made at First Appearance regarding bail and other terms and conditions of their release from custody. The State Attorney will have a representative present; so should anyone who has been arrested.

Also during First Appearance, the case is assigned to a judge and an arraignment hearing is set. Arraignment is one of the most important parts of the criminal justice process, and can lay the framework for the rest of an individual’s criminal case moving forward. For this reason, it is imperative that if someone arrested did not have a lawyer at First Appearance that they contact an experienced Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer before going to Arraignment. The benefits of hiring an lawyer are that they can protect your rights, guide you through arraignment, and start building a strong defense.

Contact a Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer Today

The right to a criminal defense lawyer attaches as soon as a person is arrested. Statements made to police officers can and will be used against you. Don’t leave your freedom to chance. If you or someone you know is arrested for a crime in Duval County, you should act quickly to protect your rights by calling the knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers at the Albaugh Law Firm. With over 70+ years of legal experience, we know the system and how to protect your freedom. Contact us today at 904-471-3434 for a free consultation.

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