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Jacksonville & St. Augustine Lawyers > Blog > DUI > Why Are There More DUI Arrests During Summer?

Why Are There More DUI Arrests During Summer?

Depositphotos_28098513_m-2015-(1)Summer is a time people like to celebrate by going on picnics and road trips to the beach. Because many people have more free time from work and school during the summer, the roadways are much busier with drivers, including those who have had a few alcoholic beverages before getting behind the wheel. The summer months see an increased presence of law enforcement officers on the lookout for DUIs, distracted driving, speeding, and other traffic violations that pose a serious threat to the public. If you want to avoid an unwanted arrest or senseless fatal accident, it’s important to closely monitor your alcohol consumption during the summer.

More Police Are On Patrol

Fairs, concerts, festivals, and sporting events don’t just draw large public crowds during the summer, they also catch the attention of law enforcement as well. In the summer, police are out in full force looking for drunk drivers, as well as boat operators under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says, “a higher volume of holiday travelers, including a significantly higher number of alcohol-impaired drivers, cause nearly twice the number of automotive deaths during summer months than during the rest of the year combined.” Because of this, law enforcement increases its numbers in the months of summer. If you are going to have few drinks this summer, don’t drive. Instead, use a designated driver or rideshare service like Lyft or Uber to get home.

Heat & Alcohol

When it’s hot out, it’s only natural to want something cold to drink. In hot weather, we lose our fluids when we sweat. When you drink alcohol in high temperatures, it acts as a diuretic that drains your body of the fluids it needs most. People also consume more in the heat because they have a stronger thirst. Drinking alcoholic beverages too quickly in the heat can make you reach a high level of intoxication without even noticing it. Alternate the alcoholic beverages you drink with water to help avoid dehydration and other serious heat-related illnesses.

Blood Alcohol Concentration

It is important to note that your BAC is based on many factors and will fluctuate each time you consume alcohol. The rate of alcohol you consume is a significant contributor to your BAC, as well as the strength of the alcohol you drink. Drinks with higher alcohol concentrations can also cause the pyloric valve to seize, which delays absorption for hours. Drinks that have less alcohol content can usually be absorbed much more quickly. Cigarette smoking can also delay your ability to maximally absorb alcohol.

Speak with a DUI Attorney

If you or someone you know ends up facing DUI charges this summer, you should call our St. Augustine DUI lawyers. At the Albaugh Law Firm, we are familiar with DUI cases and we know how to pursue justice on behalf of your clients. With more than five decades of legal experience, our team of professionals have the skills and resources you need to secure a positive outcome.

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